EarPhone Plugin For Rhythmbox

P.S. this plugin using HAL on dbus as it's signal, if you don't run HAL as an daemon, this plugin won't work

Lastest Version 0.1.6

Download 0.1.6 | Download Debian Package
How To Install By Source Code | Run HAL Daemon?

What is this plugin used for

Just uncompress the folder to ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins

pretty easy, isn't it?


Try to type this in terminal:
sudo hald
to run HAL daemon
echo 'hald' >> /etc/rc.local
to automatically start while Booting the system

Change Log [From GIT]:

Date: Wed Jul 27 23:30:57 2011 +0800
1.add Plugin Configure
2.fix crash bug
3.i18n supported